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Log Data + GSC + Big Query

The idea of this talk is to use the BigQuery 101 talk as a base and build on it to merge Log Files and GSC data together.

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Below you’ll find auxiliary links. Her I leave all the reference links I have, in case you land on this page and are interested in knowing more 🙂 (how helpful is that content… I wonder if search engines like helpful content these days)

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Also, take a look at the links from the other talk, as they might be relevant to this topic.

“BigQuery 101 for SEOs to use Google Search Console” (September 2023).

The idea of the talk is to share some of my learnings in the past year since I started stumbling around to get all the insights I needed.


I’m not a BigQuery expert, but if you have questions, please send me a LinkedIn message :).

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