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Thats a big title!

Well, this is case by case, ok? So if it doesn’t work for you, don’t blame me.

I needed to register my new used car, but my driver license is from Brazil (as me) and I had to call SAAQ to discover which documents were necessary to register my car.


They need your passport because its a document with photo. If you have your RAMQ, you can use it as well. (To be confirmed, because I have a RAMQ but I prefered to use my passport).

Translated Driver License

Well, I imagine you have a driver license from somewhere else, right? Get it translated in your consulate. The brazilian consulate charged me $15 CAD, payable in cash only.

They will give you a document with the consulate stamp written what is written in your driver license. Keep it safe.

Car transfer

If you bought from a dealership, they will give you a car transfer document. Of course you bring it with you.

Another Address in Your Home Country

They asked for another brazilian address. It is not like they will double check or something. They need something in your home country, I guess. It is only requested for you to note it down, you don’t need to bring a proof of residence.


If you bought from a dealership, they will give you a cheque with the taxes. Otherwise, you will have to pay the taxes at the counter. In my case, they gave me a cheque for $1,100 and then I had to pay more $75 in cash for the registration for the year. Every year I’ll have to pay $175ish

They will give you a plate

And, last part of this post: they gave me a plate and I didn’t know how to put it in the car.

Basically there are two screws you remove and put it back again. So, bring a screwdriver to make sure its well screwed.


  • Passport
  • Money
  • Address in home country
  • Car transfer document (from dealership)

Hope that helped, comment if any questions or contact SAAQ directly 🙂