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SEO Monthly Tips

If you follow me on Linkedin you probably saw one of my Monthly Tips on SEO. If you don’t, here they are

1st – SEO Tip from January

Here I was focusing more on Content, and how they are not only texts. Images, videos, infographics and a lot of other medias can be considered SEO content too.

2nd – SEO tip from February

How to accomplish faster websites (or fast pages) to get better SEO rankings

3rd – SEO tip from March

One of my favourites: how to combine Google Search Console with Google Analytics inside Google Sheets (and if you are smart: Google Data Studio!)

4th – SEO tip from April

If you work with Adsense, you should be doing this right now. Renew your content with these tips

5th – SEO tip from May

Thinking about this tip made me realise I should bring all this content to my website. Which I started doing today:

If you liked what you seen so far, add me on LinkedIn and mention that you saw these Monthly SEO tips, so I can accept you. I usually don’t accept people I didn’t work with.

See you in the next one

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